Welcome to the Month of April 2024

Monthly Newsletter April 2024 

Dear Colleagues,

The first quarter of 2024 had mixed opportunities and challenges. For our industry and as a nation our primary challenges included high domestic headline and food inflation rates, on the fiscal side, the taxes, levies, fees, and tolls by the FGN have been expanded amid tougher economic conditions and escalating insecurity, but we have weathered the first few months with varying degree of success
looking on to a new quarter with fresh eyes, fresh creativity and ideas, turning challenges into

Women in Experiential held on the 15th of March 2024, the event achieved remarkable success,
owing much of its splendor to the presence of numerous elegant women, the programme showcased
the dynamic world of experiential marketing where women serve as catalysts for connection,
creating immersive campaigns that surpass ordinary transactions and make lasting impressions on
Utilizing their instinctive tool of skillful storytelling and strategic engagement, women across the
industry facilitate authentic brand experiences, resulting in loyalty and resonance. Women redefine
the industry by showcasing the importance of diversity, proving that it is not just a trendy term but a
crucial element for unlocking the complete potential of experiential marketing. The event was a huge
success with over a hundred women in attendance representing over thirty agencies.

In its continued quest with its ongoing advertising reforms, ARCON released a communique outlining
proper documentation of Non-Nigerians engaged in the Nigerian Advertising industry. ARCON
emphases that advertising agencies are required to obtain approval for such employments on or
before the 31st of March, and with effect from the 1st of April 2024 employments of Non-Nigerians will require prior approval from the regulator ARCON in line with ARCON proclamation.

Head of Secretariat Group (HASG) Meeting with ARCON
Dr Lekan Fadolapo DG ARCON reconstituted the Heads of Secretariat Group (HASG) with the
Chairman Mr. Eki (MIPAN Executive Secretary) with the mandate to ensure that valuable information is taken back to represented sectorial bodies among many other functions, one of which is inspection for corporate license registration with EXMAN’s full participation and membership.

Advertising Industry Standards of Practice (AISOP) full implementation on 1st April 2024. The DG
ARCON reiterated the importance of this exercise especially as regards Terms of engagement and
disengagement as started in the AISOP document. He further encouraged each sectorial group to
escalate when necessary organizations who refuse to comply, reiterating that ARCON now has the full legal backing for the Advertising Offence tribunal (AOT) to legally prosecute and hold any organization accountable.
The DG ARCON also further emphasized the importance of compliance with the corporate licensing regime and the professional indemnity insurance, as the enforcement date for this still stands and commences on the 1st of April 2024.

Let’s be reminded of these words as we navigate the uncertain waters ahead that “it is only by doing
the work nobody expected that you can achieve results beyond expectation”, see you on the other
side of an exceptionally good month.

Olayiwola Jegede
Publicity Secretary

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