Welcome to the month of March!

Monthly Newsletter February 2024

Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

I hope this message finds you well and rejuvenated as we step into March, a time of renewal
and increased productivity. The Executive Committee, under the leadership of our esteemed
President Tolulope Medebem, extends their heartfelt wishes for a month filled with blessings
and achievements.

Despite the Nigerian economy grappling with slow growth and inconsistent policies, notably
the impacts of fuel subsidy removal and the floating of the Naira which have adversely
affected purchasing power and business operations, there remains a glimmer of hope. We
are optimistic about the gradual pickup in marketing communication activities, showing a
promising start over the last year.

It’s crucial to remain forward-looking and inspired by the wisdom of Eleanor Roosevelt: “The
future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Let us hold onto our
dreams, for they are achievable regardless of economic challenges.
As March unfolds, we’re eager to share the progress of our Association’s activities from
February 2024.

Student Engagement Programme
Our engagement with the University of Lagos continued, with plans to involve students in
Experiential Marketing. We’ve established connections with the Department of Creative Arts,
aiming for a session in March or April 2024.
Efforts to reach a national scale included interactions with the University of Ilorin, Ojaja
University in Ilorin, University of Ibadan, and Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. Additionally, we
plan to involve Theater Arts Students at the upcoming Nigerian Universities in the Theater
Arts Festival (NUTAF) in Lagos later this year.

Practice Group Training – Client Service
The first quarterly Practice Group Training of 2024 took place on February 29, focusing on
Client Service Management. Led by Vice President Mrs. Angela Makinwa of EXP, the session
was well-received by representatives from 20 EXMAN Agencies, setting a positive tone for
upcoming trainings.

EXCO Engagements
Head of Sectorial Groups Meeting (HASG): The HASG meeting, after a long break,
held on 2nd of February 2024. All groups, particularly ADVAN, were represented and the
meeting was very productive. It was a successful session of conversation, that brought major
stakeholders in the “Ecosystem” to the table with the aim of resolving major issues and
proffering a generally acceptable way forward. With this, it is believed that the meeting was
productive as we look forward to the positive outcomes to follow.

Professional Indemnity Insurance: In compliance with ARCON’s ongoing industry
reform and the need to build stability and resilience within the industry, we have concluded
and made payment for our group indemnity insurance with sovereign trust insurance for
thirty (30) member agencies who had paid up their annual dues up to date (2024), policy
certificates will be issued to these agencies very soon and to be updated as annual dues are
paid by other agencies.

ARCON Updates
ARCON and Corporate Licenses: As a reminder for the enforcement of Corporate
License registration, ARCON had sent a notification of enforcement by April 1, 2024. This
stated that thirty-four EXMAN Member Agencies are already registered, and others
are encouraged to comply to terms during this grace period.

ARCON Communique and Press Briefing: Highlights from the National Advertising
Conference 2023-Marketing Communications as an enabler of National Transformation;
included but not limited to discussions on resolutions and recommendations in areas of
economic impact of advertising in Nigeria and the multiplier effect, Local government
and cultural sensitivity and unlocking SME markets.

Let’s continue to collaborate and innovate as we navigate through these times, united in our
goals and aspirations.

Warm regards,
Ndanusa David Amihere
EXMAN Fin. Sec.

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