Welcome to the month of August

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the month of August. The past few weeks have been a rollercoaster (no reference to BurnaBoy) BUT in all, we give

We had our inaugural meeting at the secretariat on the 20th of July, communication from this
meeting was shared. Between then and now, a couple of other activities have taken place.

We received letters / complaints about some clients re-120 days payment still in effect even
though one of the clients had earlier written to say this was being looked into, a follow up
letter would be sent.

EXMAN was also represented at the launch of the Women in Out of Home (WOHAN), a sister
body to OOAN.

Agency visits have been ongoing, others have been scheduled and for those that have not
been contacted, forgive us, you will be contacted and visited before mid-August .
Appreciation and thanks to all the agencies visited so far for the warm welcome, encouraging
words and outpouring of support / love, be rest assured that your trust in us will not be
shaken or misplaced.

We have reached out to the various Chairpersons for the committees and the initial meeting
as well as agreeing on Terms of Reference will take place during our August EXCO meeting at
the secretariat. Once again, as mentioned, we would be reaching out to all agencies as
members of the various committees and we would be most obliged / appreciate your
commitment to driving your committee.

Our operations knowledge sharing session will take place on Thursday 24th August 2023 at
the secretariat and it’s free. It would be our pleasure to host your various operations team
leads (for this activity, we are open to receiving one person per agency). This is an opportunity
to learn from other colleagues and share ideas on how we can do things better within our
various agencies. An element as ‘little’ as a checklist can make or mar an activity, this is an
opportunity for our operations staff to share winning ideas or learn more and it would be of
benefit to agencies that decide or chose to attend.

The registration link is in the body of this email and will be shared on the group as well.
Growing Nigerian brands through meaningful experiences…

Moving into the marketing communications sector, a quick scan of the industry showed that
ADVAN had a meeting with one of their EXCO member, O’tega Ogra, a special Assistant to
Mr. President. 

The President’s ministerial list has also been released; we look forward to seeing who the
Minister for information will be (as mentioned by the DG).

In the economics sector (or is it the financial sector), while the Nigerian government seems
to be putting measures in place to mitigate the downsides of subsidy removal, private sectors
are not left behind. It is in the news that most Nigerian banks have increased the salaries of
their staff for the same reason.

Africa’s B2B payment sector represents a significant, yet largely untapped opportunity. This
is partly due to the complexity and larger transaction volumes associated with B2B payments.
According to the World Bank, the continent’s share of the global B2B payment opportunity
stands at $1.5 trillion. However, despite this promising potential, many businesses grapple
with considerable payment delays and other issues with their payment processes that
negatively impact their cash flow and slow their growth.

A quick overview of the advertising law as it refers / affects us.
Part VII provides for the registration of persons and organizations engaging in advertising,
advertisement, and marketing communications.

This part exposes a mandatory registration with the council of every person who wishes to
engage in the business of marketing communication and advertising in the Nigerian
advertising market. It is trite to know that knowledge and skills are prerequisites needed to
operate in the Nigerian advertising and marketing communications market. Also, the council,
via its mandatory guidelines, is charged to make detailed provisions for licensing of different
categories of advertising, organizations engaged in related activities, and firms engaged in
the marketing business in the Nigerian market. The council is also charged to issue a
Certificate of Registration or license upon registration to any person or organization
indicating the relevant category they can operate.

On a final note, congratulations once more to the MaxxConnection team, they celebrated
their 10th year anniversary in grand style, this is wishing them many more year running a
successful business.

Apologies to all the celebrants we missed in July, I know Mr. Ropo Alabi of LinkPoint was one.
Do forgive us, we’ll get better at this. By His Grace.

The executive Secretary had sent out a link to everyone, requesting your company’s
‘birthdate’, we would appreciate your feedback, so that we can celebrate these days together
with the agency team.

Finally on a lighter BUT serious note.
Did you all catch the DSS and NCS fracas? Let’s always remember that we are competition
BUT keeping it healthy is a plus for us all and to this effect, we would like to propose a NO
POACHING ZONE at all our events. The clients as well as the staff are all available to be
poached and prospected, yes BUT NOT AT OUR EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES.

This is an appeal to all heads of businesses to please cascade down the line. Let our going
together either for fun or business be a ‘safe haven’t of some sort. Allowing people to
contribute instead of worrying about what can or could happen to their staff or clients at this

I would like to thank you all for taking time out to read this and wish you all a wonderfully
blessed month ahead.

Best Regards,

Tolulope A. Medebem

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