Welcome to the February!

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the February.

January was not so good for us as a nation sadly; we had too many deaths. No fewer than
200+ persons died from violence, natural disasters, accidents, boko haram etc; an average of
29 persons per day. It certainly was not the best of January’s.

In addition to that price hike across all and everything was the order of the day and of course
biting inflation. Scanning around clients, there were a lot of requests for plans aimed at
attracting both trade and consumers. The double edge sword approach cannot be
compromised at a time like this when people are struggling with lack or very little disposable

This is a call to all of us to bring value to the table as we share those plans with our clients;
our job is the most needed tool to solve the logjam that marketing is currently facing in
Nigeria, let’s make the best use of this opportunity.

Student Engagement has been one of the key pillars of this Exco and finally we seem to be
getting round it, as Unilag has mentioned a tentative date when we can come through to
spread the gospel of Experiential. Be on the lookout as we will be reaching out to you to be
part of the team as soon as the date is confirmed.

EXCO meets LASAA: This was an introductory meeting aimed at smoothening and maintaining
the cordial relationship between the two bodies especially since there were new persons at
the helm of the affairs on each side.
LASAA complained of a few infractions from purported members of EXMAN; at this our
president promised to share the list of registered members of EXMAN as it was most likely
that the persons involved in the infractions may not be our members as we are a law-abiding
crop of individuals.
Growing Nigerian brands through meaningful experiences…
The team from EXMAN which included Mr. Tunji Adeyinka, Mr. Kehinde Salami, Mr. Deji
Orukunyi, Mrs. Nana Milagrosa Utomi in addition to the EXCO promised to ensure compliance
to LASAA rules so that the relationship can remain cordial, enhance growth and be of mutual
benefit to both parties. The LASAA team comprised of the Managing Director/CEO Prince Fatai
Adegbola Akiolu, Mr. Yinka Adejumo (Head Compliance and Enforcement) and Mrs. Olamide

The President of ADVAN had accused ARCON of charging vetting fees of N3 Million in a
newspaper publication on the 20th of January, ARCON refuted this claim with the response
that vetting fee is N35,000 and not N3million as headlined and published in the Newspaper.
They further explained that there is however a deterrent fee of N3 million for organizations
that produce their advertisements outside Nigeria, this is not a vetting fee, it is part of
ARCON’s efforts aimed at encouraging the use of local talents and production of
advertisement in Nigeria as part of industry development and growth.
Where an advertisement is produced in Nigeria, there is no deterrent fee required.

EXMAN and LBS/Pan Atlantic on Feb 1st, 2024 formally launched an EMMP (Experiential
Marketing Management Programme) aimed at increasing knowledge and awareness for
experiential marketing and the association, providing credible and worthwhile on-the-job
training as well overall manpower development. The first class will be coming up in May 2024,
as soon as the registration link is up, we will share with all of us. It will be our pleasure if the
first class is full, it will be proof that we believe in what we are dishing out and are in full
support of the EXCO’s effort
Growing Nigerian brands through meaningful experiences…
Our February Practice Session will be focused on Client Management this time and we would
be happy to welcome nominated persons at our Secretariat for this Knowledge Sharing. Date
(29th Feb), time and link for registration has been shared for participants to register. We will
still maintain one person per agency and it is free.

In conclusion, Lets be careful, cautious and alert when we activate across our country
especially outside Lagos. Let’s make sure our insurances are up to date, both for ourselves
and our contract staff. “Each day comes bearing its gifts, untie the ribbon”.

Thank you for your time, let love lead!

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