Welcome to MAY 2024!



Welcome to MAY!

I understand that the month of May represents love and success, this is us wishing you all upliftment

and success in all your various businesses, ours included.

Nigeria on a whole has been turbulent BUT regardless, we move.



As EXMAN, we started the month on a high and we would like to say congratulations to everyone for

the successful kickoff and completion of the EMMP2024 in conjunction with LBS. The programme

which took place on the 2nd and 3rd of May had over 50 persons registered from the various agencies

as well as external registrations. Our heartfelt thanks to ALL agencies that registered, made payment

and actually sent their staff in, we see you and your commitment to the growth of this association is

appreciated. To the faculty, we called, and you answered, thank you.


The EXMAN day scheduled for the 29th of April (based on our calendar) didn’t hold because the

committee felt there was a lot going on in Nigeria and it might not necessarily be appreciated, so

they paused on this, and a later date would be communicated.


Our learning session will take place sometime this month, details would be communicated and as

usual, it’s a free session, made possible by everyone who has volunteered so far or heeded our call

to share and for this, we say thank you, again.


Two years ago, in Asaba, we discussed Experiential Marketing figures and the

need for a research document that we can leverage for information and documentation as a sector,

the research is complete and LBS would like to make a formal presentation to EXMAN – details of

this within the month of May would be shared and it would be a great honor to have everyone in

attendance as it’s our footprints together, in the sands of time.


Marketing Communications | ARCON

The marketing communications landscape hasn’t been quiet, it has actually been very rocky with

various ongoing battles between ARCON and advertising law offenders (please get your agency a

copy of the law as not knowing isn’t an excuse).

The Advertising Standards Panel held a stakeholders’ forum. First of it’s kind and it was turbulent at

best BUT it’s an ongoing process.

AI was a key and burning direction of discussion with the DG talking through advertising adoption

and the need to deepen conversation on responsible adoption of technology. According to him, the

council has taken a stand on the adoption of AI for advertorial involving Nigerian models as a means

to creating jobs within the sector.

AI is an ongoing discussion, and it would actually be an asset that needs to be well understood and

incorporated into our various business to aid creativity and innovation BUT not to completely take

over as there are still some kinks to be worked through. This is an article that we thought to share.

Using AI in advertising and creative campaigns – What are the legal issues?

A group of sectoral secretaries – (Executive secretaries etc.) was pooled, saddled with the

responsibility of enforcing and maintaining the corporate license regime, with the understanding that

this is done to maintain and sustain globally accepted standards ensuring that one and all maintain

these standards. The group went out on inspection for corporate license registration on various

occasions to discuss and check up on corporate licensing.


INSURANCE – 20 agencies are covered by the insurance with indemnity ‘to a certain amount’, this

was collated based on agencies paid up to date, the secretariat is working to confirm if we have any

agencies that are not included in this list, so they can update. The policies have been received and

would be shared by the secretariat before the end of May. The secretariat will also send out the

agency’s policy as received.



On a final note, our AGM is scheduled for the 12th – 14th July 2024 in Ibadan, please save the date and lets

make this a time to consolidate of all our efforts together and keep the EXMAN flag flying. Before this AGM

though, it is understood, that we need to have an extraordinary AGM to ratify some of the decisions from the last AGM, details of this meeting would be shared shortly.

As we have mentioned consistently, we are in this together and we look forward to making EXMAN an

association that we keep on being proud of, not only as members BUT in terms of partnerships and value added.


Thank You and The Almighty bless us all

Tolulope A. Medebem

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