1. Working with the President, establish and maintain cordial relationships between EXMAN and heads of marketing communications sectorial groups
  2. Establish and maintain cordial relationship between EXMAN and other relevant publics such as all arms of government and its organs that have bearing on the industry.
  3. Promote peace and stability in the industry through meetings with relevant stakeholders whose activities impinge on member business.
  4. Working with other relevant committees, develop and execute advocacy programmes that promote the reputation and relevance of experiential marketing
  1. Plan, organize and coordinate the Association’s education courses, and ensure that agencies and corporate organizations attend them.
  2. Address the knowledge gap in the industry, particularly in the core area of experiential marketing.
  3. Develop and promote industry wide thought leadership methodology, studies and tools that will empower and differentiate the experiential industry from other practice areas within the Marcoms industry
  1. Plan, organize and coordinate the Association’s events, ceremonies and functions.
  2. Coordinate the entertainment content of the associations agenda including initiating a mutually beneficial working arrangement with entertainment industry stakeholders on behalf of the association and her members.
  3. Ensure that all the events are adequately sponsored and financially rewarding to the Association.
  4. Develop creative ideas and execute same for engaging member agencies and their staff in informal bonding programmes
  5. Develop creative ideas and execute same for promoting the welfare of staff of member agencies
  1. Working with EXCO, plan, organize and coordinate the associations financial affairs.
  2. Working with Exco and relevant committees, develop creative ideas and execute same for generating revenues and profitability for the association.
  3. Develop investment vehicles and industry wide financial initiatives and platforms for the collective benefit of members
  1. Receive, inspect and make recommendation to the Executive Board on new applicant Agencies.
  2. Review membership criteria from time to time that will enhance the membership status and benefit of members of the Association.
  3. Receive, inspect and make recommendation to the Executive Board on new applicant Agencies.
  4. Ensure members compliance with best business practices and the Association’s Constitution, codes and standards.
  5. Act as an Ethics, standards and code compliance Advisory Committee to EXCO
  6. Investigate abuses as they affect the standard of practice and code of behaviour and make appropriate recommendations to the EXCO.
  1. Develop publicity plan and reputation management strategy for the Association.
  2. Initiate and promote activities that will generally publicize the Association and its corporate members.
  3. Establish and maintain a library and repository of relevant audio visual and print literature on topics relevant to members
  4. Design, develop and manage an industry newsletter/magazine
  1. Develop a detailed plan for the establishment of an EXMAN awards night and trade show.
  2. Establish the categories and criteria for the awards
  3. Working with EXCO, all relevant committees, industry stakeholders and partners execute a high quality premium programme that will redefine industry awards in Nigeria
  4. Develop a sponsorship and monetisation plan that will fund the awards and generate profit for the association