1. Working with the President, establish and maintain cordial relationships between EXMAN and heads of marketing communications sectorial groups.
  2. Establish and maintain cordial relationship between EXMAN and other relevant publics such as all arms of government and its organs that have bearing on the industry.
  3. Promote peace and stability in the industry through meetings with relevant stakeholders whose activities impinge on member business.
  4. Working with other relevant committees, develop and execute advocacy programmes that promote the reputation and relevance of experiential marketing.
  5. Develop a Standards Charter document that clearly spells out issues around Barriers to Entry, Trade Terms, Agency Compensation Matrix, Cost of Funds appropriation and how addressed with clients.
  6. Set up Ethics & Disciplinary Committee with responsibility to manage conflicts, code of conduct adherence and client interface on sensitive issues.
    • Delayed payment to Vendors & Promoters by agencies.
    • EXMAN Black Book (Promoters & Supervisors).
    • Unfair competition amongst members and unethical agency practices.
    • Housekeeping.
    • Address non-payment of members’ dues with strict recommendation.
  7. Constitution Review.
  8. Engage COSON & LASAA on workable rates for members.
  1. On-board no fewer than 10 new members.
  2. Design and submit a vetting standard form and process.
  3. Digitalize the form on website automating the entire registration process.
  4. Draft & publish membership process on website.
  5. EXMAN affinity card product design, launch and execution.
  1. Partner with P.A.U. (Pan-Atlantic University):
    Experiential marketing imbedded within the marketing curriculum.
  2. Experiential 101 Training Program (For agency staff and entry level marketing communications enthusiast.
  3. Exman Certified Brand Ambassadors Program (E.C.B.A.P).
    Institutionalize the program within EXMAN association in a bid to improve standards and maintain control.
  4. CEO Breakfast Seminar Series.
  1. Initiate a Best-In-Class Sampling Festival.
  2. Exman Day & Exman Night activity for agencies, clients and other key partners.
  3. Plan, organize and coordinate the Association’s events, ceremonies and functions.
  4. Ensure that all the events are adequately sponsored and financially rewarding to the Association.
  5. Develop creative ideas and execute same for engaging member agencies and their staff in informal bonding programs.
  6. Develop creative ideas and execute same for promoting the welfare of staff of member agencies.
  1. Review last Awards with detailed recommendation to EXCO.
  2. Plan & execute all subsequent AGM during the tenure end to end.
  3. Plan and execute next awards with established categories (July 2019).
  4. Propose panel of judges.
  5. Identify and engage plaque vendor.
  6. Plan all events end-to-end.
  7. Develop a sponsorship and monetization plan that will fund the awards and generate profit for the association.
  1. Develop a Digital Strategy Plan Including Timelines.
  2. EXMAN Logo Democratization amongst members.
  3. Website Enhancement & Media Relations Management.
  4. Publish Annual Publicity Calendar.
  5. Content Development & Execution.
  1. Develop a blueprint for "SOMEWHERE IN NAIJA" CSR initiative including detailed process and timelines.
  2. Collaborate with Publicity & Contents Committee to amplify positive progress & news.